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Download Source Code – (Codeigniter) Ajax CRUD using Bootstrap modals and DataTables

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(Codeigniter) Simple Server-side Datatables bootstrap style example

Before I’ve shared example code for simple Server-side Datatables with Codeigniter. Now I’ll give an example like berfore but with bootstrap styling. If you want you can use Ignited Datatables library. But with custom own code you can do more flexible.   Here several framework and library: PHP+ MySQL or you may use XAMPP –> Download Codeigniter 3.1.0 –> Download jQuery 2.2.3 –> Download DataTables 1.10.12 –> Download step 1. create database and table for example. I have database named example and customers as table: run this query: or you can download sample data here : example.sql step 2. copy